Clear Away Eyesores in Your Yard

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Not every company that cuts down trees gets rid of the stumps too. Fortunately, that's where J & J Stump Grinding comes in. Our stump grinding company knows the proper method for grinding down stumps up to 3 feet below grade. We use sophisticated equipment to ensure efficiency, safety and precision. We'll make sure that those stumps don't give you any more trouble.

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Is your yard full of unwanted stumps? Don't panic. We can provide all the stump grinding services you need. By grinding down stumps, we'll make sure you don't have to worry about:

  • Mowing around obstacles
  • Tripping over stumps in your path
  • Attracting more insects and pests
  • Lowering your curb appeal
Save yourself a lot of headaches by letting us take care of your stump grinding services. Schedule an appointment today in Renton, WA.