Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful

Set up tree pruning services in Bellevue, Burien or Renton, WA

Your trees need regular care to grow healthy. In order to give your trees the expert attention they need, hire J & J Stump Grinding. We provide regular tree pruning and trimming services to clients in the Bellevue, Burien and Renton, WA areas.

Since we have 25+ years of experience caring for trees, we know exactly what to do to help yours thrive. Schedule tree trimming and pruning services for your property today.

Learn about the benefits of tree trimming

You'll be amazed at the difference regular tree care can make. Scheduling tree pruning and trimming services is a great way to...

  • Improve air circulation and sun exposure to the branches
  • Spot diseased or dead branches before they effect the rest of the tree
  • Prevent pest populations from taking over the tree

You shouldn't hesitate to reach out to our team when your trees are overgrown or misshapen. Ask for a free estimate on our tree trimming and pruning services today.