Fill Your Yard With Thriving Plant Life

Request our tree planting services in Bellevue, Burien or Renton, WA

Trees are an asset to any plot of land. J & J Stump Grinding can plant healthy, beautiful trees in your yard that will provide necessary shade and boost your curb appeal. With our tree planting experts on the job, you can be sure you'll love the results.

We can even replace dead or damaged trees to restore your yard to its best condition. Discuss your need for tree planting services with our team in Bellevue, Burien or Renton, WA today.

Planting new trees is always a good idea

You shouldn't ignore the reasons why a tree planting project is a good idea. New trees can...

  • Cool down your property
  • Protect against soil erosion
  • Provide shelter for local wildlife

We can help you pick out tree species that will thrive on your land for years to come. Reach out to our experts today for tree planting services.